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Rick Santorum Bad Lip Reading

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

I first saw BadLipReading‘s video’s last Fall as the GOP candidates were beginning their campaigns and attending debates. The basic idea was to lip read the candidates. Although, what ensues is hilarious absurdity. There’s two possibilities that result from lip reading. One is getting a spot on translation, the other is to be completely off base. I think BLR’s intention was exactly that. It is especially funny when presidential hopefuls are heard saying things that are so stupid and nonsensical that they don’t even make sense half the time.

I thought that a bad lip reading would make for a good final project. It culminates a few different assignments which are Video, Audio and Remix. My idea was basically replicate the BLR’s video but to make my lip reading different, obviously. The lip reading part was probably the most difficult since there is just a world of possibilities that you can see and say. Really, with the volume off one thing can look like a million other things. So it was hard to choose. Also it was hard, in a way, to read something that was different from what Santorum was saying. Since I did transcribe the videos his words were always in the back of my head. Except it would not be the same if I just lip read in a different voice. It had to be bad, hence bad lip reading. So this probably took the longest time, preparing a script of insanity that was supposed to replace Santorum’s words.

For the story aspect of the project I was wavering from one idea to another. At first I wanted to make Santorum sound like a liberal, completely opposite of his political stance. But it was just too difficult to force words into his mouth, because it just wouldn’t look right. Then I wanted to make a video that would basically be his presidential announcement. While I think that this still is a good idea I didn’t know how funny it would be. So ultimately I decided that, since Santorum is out of the race how about I make a video that explains that somehow. So this is the campaign video that ruined his race. Maybe he was on an acid trip or intoxicated with some substance, I don’t know.

I used a program called AVS video editor. It is not free but I am using a free trial. The only problem is that I cannot publish a video without a watermark on it. The mark only lasts for a few seconds thankfully. I decided to use this program instead of Windows Media Maker Live because it allowed me to record voice overs while watching the video. I had the script already written so all I had to do was record. I used the voice of a friend. He had a compression mic and everything so the quality would be better than anything I could have attempted. After the vocals were synced with the video I had to add a few clapping/applause/cheering tracks. I used and searched for a couple different mp3s I could use. The soundscape I found on youtube. There are a ton, so I just picked one that was good to use.

BLR’s videos are a bit more professional and more thought out. But I think my attempt for a final project went over successfully. I realize that there a few spots where I could have perfected it a little more, but maybe I’ll do a couple other ones since it was so fun to make. BLR also does music so that’s another idea. Overall, I really enjoyed making the video. i think it is storytelling because there is intention and thought behind it and it isn’t all non sense. There are some themes and ideas that are repeated, but it certainly does not follow the script as most other stories do. If the context is maintained I think that there is a story behind it.