Nom Nom Bob

The assignments was to take a recent dream or nightmare you’ve had and make a visual representation of it for others to see. I went with the Nightmare on NomNom Street by NomNomreeses.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense but Uncle Bob popping in your dream about Reese’s doesn’t make much sense either. But I’m sure Uncle Bob loves him some Reese’s pieces. Mmmmm…..

I love this image of an “uncle Bob”. I have no idea where it came from but when I think “Uncle Bob” I think of a poor ol’  handsome hick . . .ok, not handsome, rather ugly. And now I swear that I’m ol’ Unc here will be popping ina and out of my dreams for weeks.

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2 Responses to “Nom Nom Bob”

  1. This is great! Uncle Bob’s placement is perfect 🙂


  2. Alan Levine says:

    THAT is the archetypal Uncle Bob image. I think I will make him the icon for the card 😉 – can you send me the link to the original?