Serenity Now/Tutorial


My twist on the assignment. Not necessarily a “Serenity Now” therapeutic video but maybe someone finds it comforting…

My idea came from those 10 min memes which repeats a  short clip for, of course, 10 minutes. One of my favorites:

Serenity Now – Black Knight


It’s not hard to make a video like this. What you need is to find the clip you want to use. you could rip it from using pwnyoutube or another program. Then you edit the clip how you want it. Simply trim the clip. Then you want to copy and paste the clip so it fills up 10 minutes. It could be hundreds of times. And don’t expect anyone to watch the hole thing, but putting a little Easter egg at the end could be a little funny. For the “serenity now” part you want to add a serene audio track to the video. So mute the clip and add the audio track behind the video. It’s pretty straight forward in Windows Movie Maker, the program I used, and maybe even easier in iMovie.



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One Response to “Serenity Now/Tutorial”

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Hah, I almost watched it all when you posted this serene video. I like the way you think 😉

    An easter egg is a brilliant idea for these videos, maybe even a few subliminal messages interspersed?

    I feel better after being exposed to this, after all it’s only a flesh wound.