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American Life Radio Show

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

458: Play the Part

This radio show was about playing the part of someone doing something on camera or for people that they would never do themselves on a regular basis. The show featured two stories. The first story, act one, was titled The Audacity of Louis Ortiz. The story is told by Ryan Murdock, who is making a documentary by the same name.

Luis Ortiz is a 30-something year old Hispanic man living in Harlem. He was a military man and is now in search of a stable job to keep a flout. Ortiz has something special about him that could help him make his way out of his hole. He looks just like the president of the United States, and the one feature that makes it believable is his ears. Louis notices this, thanks to someone in a bar pointing it out and goes with it. First Ortiz buys a suit, gets head shots and begins his impersonation career on one of the largest stages in America – Yankee Stadium. Ortiz dresses as the president, asks his law enforcement friends to protect him and enters the stadium getting recognized and asked to kiss babies. The suddenness of recognition is what skyrockets Ortiz’s career.

As his career progresses, the calls for appearances and jobs fade as Obama’s approval rating disintegrates. His and Obama’s careers are interwoven. He also gets all the negativity that Obama personally can’t get. He experiences racism like never before and is genuinely scared for his life. Louis Ortiz, after his career has hit a low point, tries to reconcile his relationship with his daughter, who he never sees. But lack of money and stability this attempt is unsuccessful. Louis is now trying to perfect his craft in order to revitalize his career as Obama’s look-a-like in an attempt to get his life on a steady track.

The story itself was very compelling. Produced on the radio it played like watching a documentary. Through transitional sounds and music the show was able to tell the story with energy and interest. All of the interviews were pre-recorded, which allowed for fluidity as the story was being told. Interviews included voices from all of the main characters, including Ortiz and Murdock, the documentarian.  The radio also employs use of sound effects to put the listener at the places described by the various characters; this keeps the story very intriguing. Also playing speeches and an expert from ­Flight of the Concords puts context to the story as it’s being told to queue in the audience if they have not seen or heard about these Oritz appearances, which adds depth to the story being told.

By telling the story in such a dramatic way, with production techniques like such as interviews, music and sound excerpts, the radio show is able to have a energy that keeps the listener engaged and moved by the story. The show remained gripping and had a life that did not sound read, but rather preformed, which is a treat to any listener.

Bad Guy Business Card

Sunday, February 19th, 2012


Here’s my bad guys business card. Family run organization that is proud of its work.




A Place I’ve Never Been

Saturday, February 18th, 2012


A place I’ve never been: The Taj Mahal; or India for that matter. I took inspiration from the Istanbul submission. It’s very simple, just black and white, which shows high contrast.

The Palace, or mausoleum, is probably the most signifying feature of India, so it was a no-brainer to use.

Wait, Where’d They Come From?

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Here’s my picture for the “Wait, where’d that guy come from?” I wanted to do it a little differently, maybe lack of creativity. So I decided to put the faces the” fantasy Trinity”(George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson) into one shot, maybe battling it out for the prize of “top fantasy/sci-fi film director.” In any case here it is.

GIMP layers, masking layers and cloning are becoming more and more easy to use. I think this is a decent job of what I wanted to do.


If Movie Posters Told The Truth

Friday, February 17th, 2012

From Apollo 18

I…hate…this…movie… Actually the best part was the soundtrack, which only featured two songs: And You and I, by Yes; and Wond’ring Aloud, by Jethro Tull. Apart from that, complete an utter garbage. So in an attempt to warn future prospective audiences…Don’t waste your time.

1 Movie / 4 Icons

Friday, February 17th, 2012


I got the icons from The Noun Project. They’re pretty simple, not the exact ones I wanted but I this makes it more difficult.

The film might be difficult enough to guess but I’ll give you a hint: it’s a Sci-Fi classic. A monmental film that changed the way all films, of this scale or close, was made. Also had a profound impact on a certain government agency. Good Luck

Alternate Book Cover

Friday, February 17th, 2012


1984 is a book by George Orwell that depicts a distopian future where wars are made up an citizens are kept under strict control. Big Brother is an idea in the book used to keep people under supervision and prohibit them from expressing themselves in any other way than what the government would want. The Big Brother  figure is foreboding and angry looking which would reveal the type of atmosphere surrounding the book. I decided to flip that on its head and depict a kind looking, smiling, Big Brother, keeping the tagline, “Big Brother is Watching You.” 1984 now is not a book about authoritarian government and thought police but perhaps a book about a good older brother that takes care of his siblings.

Requiescat in pace

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Resquiecat in Pace by TheMattyPatty
Resquiecat in Pace, a photo by TheMattyPatty on Flickr.

Don’t worry. He’s not dead. Just a slumbering Chihuahua. Not the best picture..and I guess it shouldn’t be for this ds106 assignment: Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica.
I don’t have Helvetica…but this’ll do I guess. I used picnik, added Sepia and masking effects.

Play in the Big Leagues

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Sam Walkoff by TheMattyPatty
Sam Walkoff, a photo by TheMattyPatty on Flickr.
 I borrowed a picture of Derek Jeter from Google and pasted a friend’s face on The Captain’s. I used GIMP to select my friend’s face, and pasted it on to Jeter’s. The free form select tool worked great. I just simply outlined that parts I wanted, selected the cut out and pasted it on the other picture. Then from there I cut away, using again the select tool, to make it seem that the helmet fit him. You have to make sure that newly pasted face has its own layer; otherwise you delete the background as well. It also helped to change the opacity while outlining the face to see where best to cut for the helmet. This can all be done pressing Ctrl + L.

After that, feather or smug the layer, removing the sharpened edges, to make flow with the background.

It might also help to adjust the resolution of both images to make the transfer seem neater. I forewent this process, but I think it turned out alright anyhow.

Fountain Pen & Ink

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Fountain Pen & Ink by TheMattyPatty
Fountain Pen & Ink, a photo by TheMattyPatty on Flickr.

I love fountain pens. Not sure if it’s an everyday item, but they are for me. This is a pen I recently got, great writer. I the ink is blue so I thought it natural for it to have a blue tint.